Shift the Market from Transactional to Transformational

It's time to transcend the dogma and practices of extraction economics that result in social exclusion and income inequality. It's time for social enterprise, social procurement, and social value finance to converge to create community capital. It’s time for Marketplace Revolution. 

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David LePage

Buy Social Canada Founder David LePage is recognized internationally as a social enterprise and social procurement thought leader, effective practitioner, and public policy architect. Over the past 45 years, David has developed and applied innovative market-based solutions to complex social issues, which has led to his extensive experience in multi-sector engagements, skills development, and knowledge sharing. 

With a particular focus on the role of social enterprise, David has been fully engaged in all aspects of community economic development. Now retired from the day-to-day operations of Buy Social Canada, through his leadership and collaboration David continues to influence the growth of a supportive ecosystem for social enterprise and social procurement in Canada and around the world.

"This is now a global movement... Those that are recently engaging with social procurement owe a debt of gratitude to David for his vision and pioneering work in this area." 

- Gerry Higgins, Founder and Managing Director of Social Enterprise World Forum

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